Alexander McGregor


Alexander McGregor was awarded his Ph.D from the University of East Anglia. His research interests include cultural theory, ideology, propaganda and education.

He has published on topics such as Stalinist art and culture, religion and cinema, anti-semitism in the US, culture in the Cuban revolution, ideology in Japan and the nature of History. This space is a hub dedicated to drawing together his writings and publications.

Alexander McGregor’s book represents one of the few attempts by a British scholar to assess this pivotal era in USA film history... an exciting contribution to studies on this subject.
— Susan Ohmer, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television
Alexander McGregor has produced a thoughtful, interesting and well researched book which deserves to reach a wide audience. It would no doubt prove useful to scholars of cinema, Catholicism and the depression-era US. It will also be enjoyed by readers with an interest in the visual arts and culture.
— Dr. Anna Misiak, Senior Lecturer in the School of Media, Falmouth University

The Catholic Church and Hollywood: Censorship and Morality in 1930s Cinema (IB Tauris 2013).

During the 1930s, the Catholic Church in the US was engaged in a metaphorical 'war' against the increasingly modern and secular values of the American public. Alexander McGregor offers a detailed account of how the Church, feeling itself to be under siege, used media - and particularly cinema - to reach out to Americans. The 1930s were the 'golden age' for Hollywood, and the Church saw the film industry as an opportunity to engender a pro-Catholic social moral code among the US population. McGregor examines the ways in which the American Catholic Church sought to directly influence film production through its involvement with censorship bodies such as the Legion of Decency, and through Catholics in positions of influence within Hollywood itself. This is a vital new contribution to the history of American cinema and religion, as well as American culture and social history.